An Air Conditioner Will Benefit Your Home And Your Health

One topic on which all can agree is that summer is a lot more bearable when you have air conditioning. We all have experienced that great sensation of stepping indoors on a very hot summer day to revel in the relief of an air-conditioned home.

How bad is it to experience the discomfort of a hot summer day? Well, the humidity outdoors can go as high as 94% in the summer. This is far above the 30-50% humidity that is recommended for comfort. In a typical summer, most houses will have 7,300 liters of water passing through them, due to the humidity in the air.

Relative Humidity (RH) measures more accurately how hot the temperature feels, and the combination of moisture, pressure, and heat, will make the air feel much worse on a hot and humid day. This means that a reading of 60% relative humidity in summer will feel very different than a reading of 60% relative humidity in winter. The presence of high relative humidity makes temperature differences feel much more pronounced. The discomfort created by high humidity levels in summer is a reason why many people invest in an air conditioner. However, there are several other reasons why an air conditioner makes sense.

For some people, the risks to health and property that come with high humidity levels are very pressings reasons to have an air conditioner. Here are five ways an air conditioner can improve our lives in hot and humid weather.

1. High Humidity Levels Can Cause Damage To Your Home And Possessions

Recently, an article in the Telegraph reported that a priceless artwork by Raphael had been damaged. The cause? An air conditioning unit that did not work properly. It is a pity that a lack of proper air conditioning can lead to such damage. In this case, the painting by Raphael was so popular that a lot of visitors crowded close to see it, bringing with them their bodily warmth and humidity, a factor that the designer of the HVAC system did not account for correctly.

Even small changes in heat and humidity can damage objects over a long period of time. This is why it is important to protect possessions such as guitars and even kitchen cabinets from very humid and very dry air because some materials are very affected by these moisture levels. Many horror stories have occurred, but the important lesson to learn is that you should never ignore your humidity levels because you will be endangering your furniture and your possessions. If you decide to move in the future, the long term effects of humidity levels can even affect the resale value of the house.

2. More Humidity Can Mean More Pests

Health Canada considers humidity levels to play a big role in controlling the presence of pests. Some studies have concluded that a humidity level below 50% can completely destroy an infestation of dust mites.

High levels of humidity also increase the rate of decay of organic materials on which many pests feed. When you allow humidity levels to rise in hot weather, you also increase the food supply for many pests in the neighborhood. They will come to visit, and when they find the high humidity levels in your home to their liking, they will stay.

3. Toxicity In The Home Can Result From High Humidity

The presence of high levels of humidity in the home can cause toxins in the home and furniture to seep into the air. High humidity can cause formaldehyde and other chemicals to enter the air at an increased rate.

These toxic chemicals are present in many things such as stoves, sofas, lamps – they are a constant part of modern life. When your home does not have an air conditioner, you are taking a chance that more of these chemicals are entering your system.

Many molds are found only in locations with high levels of humidity. The growth of mold requires moisture, and mold spores will start growing quickly in a room that is humid. Many molds are toxic to humans.

4. High Humidity Can Cause You To Get Sick

This brings us to another reason to have air conditioning. People often sense that low humidity in cold winter months can adversely affect their health, but it turns out that high humidity levels can also disrupt the immune system.

Some of the health problems are related to allergic reactions to dust and dirt in the air, but people can simply be reacting to high levels of mold spores in the air. Doctors often recommend that anyone with respiratory problems reduce the humidity levels in the air, usually with the use of air conditioning.

5. Humidity Can Cause An Unhappy Mood

Scientists have long thought that mood is related to humidity levels. In 1975, a researcher named Persinger, along with others, demonstrated that low mood is significantly related to high levels of humidity. Let us examine that idea.

Because high humidity causes negative effects on many people for the reasons mentioned above, people who feel their lives are not going well will feel more unhappy. Remember those times you have felt completely miserable while riding on a hot bus?

Having Air Conditioning Is Beneficial To You

The wrong amount of humidity in the air is not good for you, whether it is too high or too low. An air conditioner will allow you to avoid extremes of humidity, which means you will have better control over your health. Remember that controlling the humidity will help you stay healthy.

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Have Your HVAC Systems Maintained Twice Yearly

You can increase the value of your home by doing such maintenance tasks as painting the house and cutting the grass. There are also tasks you can do to take care of your HVAC equipment, so the systems run properly in all situations. By having your heating and air conditioning systems maintained properly, you will enable them to last longer, and you will reduce the likelihood of them breaking down when you need them most. Preventative maintenance done early in spring and autumn will be very beneficial in the long run. Here are five tips for you to implement in the maintenance routine of your home.

Change Air Filters

When did you last replace the air filters on your system? A disposable filter will remove large dust particles from the air inside your home and will help keep your system clean. If you have pets, or if there are seasonal allergens in the air, you should replace the air filters more frequently. It is best to use a filter that is rated MERV 7 – 11. A filter that goes beyond this specification will reduce the air flowing through your system and will affect its efficiency in a negative manner. If you also have an air purification system, you should service these filters in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Ductless AC systems will usually require that the filters be cleaned. (Check for DIY information.)

Clean The Condenser

Air conditioners usually have a condenser unit located outside the home. The metal fins of the unit will often become clogged with dirt and grime. Each season, you can clean the outside of the condenser unit with your hose.
Warning – It is very important that you do NOT use a pressure washer to clean the condenser as this will cause permanent damage to the unit.

Inspect And Clear The Area Around the Outdoor Unit

If there has been a build-up of vegetation around the outdoor condenser unit, you should remove it so that air can flow freely into the unit. Trim away any branches and leaves on nearby trees and bushes, so there are at least two feet of clearance around it. Some trees and bushes such as cottonwood poplars give off a lot of pollen, so be particularly careful if you have these growing near your unit. It is well known that pollen can clog up air conditioning condenser units.

Check the Drainpipe and Pan

If you do not know where the drainpipe of your air conditioner is located, ask your HVAC technician to show you its location. Check the drainage and clear out any buildup of mold or algae that have built up. You can use a wet/dry vacuum to clean out clogs in the drainpipe, and bleach can also be helpful in cleaning it out. In Houston, Texas, having a clogged drain is a common cause of air conditioner breakdowns in warm weather. Often, a customer will first discover the clogged drainpipe when water starts to pour through the ceiling unless there is a protective switch installed that can turn the air conditioner off to prevent damage to the ceiling.

Have Your HVAC System Maintained Regularly

We advise scheduling professional HVAC maintenance to be performed twice each year to perform such tasks as checking the drainage, cleaning out the blower compartments, checking coolant levels, checking voltage, and checking for loose wires. It is best to have the air conditioning system serviced in spring, and the heating system serviced in the fall. By having preventative maintenance performed regularly, potential problems will be caught before they turn into a serious inconvenience.

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